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A L L  M Y  B E A R S  A R E  1 0 0 %  H A N D  M A D E

Available bears are currently stocked at STONEBOW BEARS 

Located by the historic Stonebow arch in the picturesque

Cathedral City of Lincoln . . .






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Hello, my name is Elaine, welcome to the edenbears website which tells you all about my bears, myself, and how my bears came to be!

Every edenbear I produce is designed by myself in all aspects from the initial hand-drawn pattern to the completed bear. I design and make very few bears in a year (as I also operate a Teddy Bear Hospital), preferring to create only when time allows my full attention to be devoted to working on my bears.
Each edenbear is inspired by the early circa 1900's traditional hump-back bears.  Each one is a new design ensuring every one of them is unique and One Of A kind.

All bears are entirely hand-stitched in all stages of their creation using only the very best quality materials and threads. Every seam is trimmed, fray-checked and sewn twice to ensure good strength and longevity of the bear.  My larger bears are hand sewn first then (only if time is of the essence) machined for the second stitching, I will always hand sew as a preference. 

The head pieces, paw and foot pads of all my bears no matter what size are always hand sewn to ensure a neat and accurate finish.

My heart and soul goes into each bear I lovingly create with care, attention to detail and durability. I use good quality faux furs, antique velvets, vintage fabrics and quality mohairs.
All edenbears come with their own swing tag and my fabric labels sewn into the back seam, one carries my company name, the other a safety notice stating they are not to be used as toys.

My bears are fitted with superior quality black glass or coloured glass eyes, traditionally jointed with discs and pins and completed with embroidered nose and claw features. Most of my bears have a little aged shading on various features. 

Some bears are also fitted with a growler and are they are filled with combinations of the following:

First and foremost LOTS OF LOVE, then either / and / or:

    * Kapok (a natural fibre filling)

* Carded Cotton (a natural fibre filling) 

* Sheeps Wool (a natural fibre filling)

    * Mid to heavyweight polyester (modern synthetic fibre fillings)

    * Excelsior (fine wood shavings)

And for added weight / tactile qualities:

    * Steel shot

    edenbears are not toys — they are intended as collectors / heirloom items.


Due to the components used in the making of my bears they are not suitable for children under 14 years of age.


Available bears are currently stocked at STONEBOW BEARS located by the historic Stonebow arch in picturesque Cathedral City of Lincoln


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Here you will find information about
edenbears . . . and my Teddy Bear Hospital.    If you have visited because you have a patient in need of hospital treatment click the picture below to take you straight to emergency admissions.

I hope you will also visit my QUINTESSENTIAL BEARS page.  I am streamlining my own personal bear collection and have listed some for adoption.  They are all Limited Editions, brand new, in mint condition and have not been displayed unless otherwise stated. 
Each one comes complete with
a certificate of authenticity and presentation box, and, in the case of the Steiff pieces they also have the original outer Steiff packagings with serial numbers.

If you would like any further no-obligation information, photographs or to discuss any particular bear then please feel free to email me at edenvb@icloud.com

For the bears at £100 and over I am willing to do layaway terms over 3 months.
Please contact me if you wish to discuss layaway.

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German Magazine Appearance

I was featured with my exclusively designed bear named TITAN and his accompanying pattern in the June/July/August 2010 issue of leading German-based Teddy Bear magazine BarReport . . .

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