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  It is with much regret that I am no longer offering to patch MODERN PLUSH AND FABRIC TOYS OR TEDDIES THAT ARE NOT MADE OF MOHAIR.

It is incredibly difficult and often unjustifiably costly to find fabrics to match this type of toy perfectly.  I also find, it is, in most cases not a cost effective or satisfying repair to undertake either in monetary terms, finished result or time spent.


All works are carried out by myself (Elaine).  I'm an experienced bear designer and maker as well as having a passion for bear collecting myself.







Sorry, it's nothing personal, but as my work studio is located within my private home I find it too much of an intrusion on my daily life. I also find that as pleasant as personal meetings can be they do eat into my already valuable work time.  I hope you can understand this.



Initially you will be required to email some pictures of your bear DIRECTLY to me at edenvb@icloud.com  in order for me to assess the work and give an ESTIMATED cost and time scale


My TEDDY BEAR HOSPITAL is located in Morecambe, in the
Red Rose County of Lancashire, North West England.

Is your bear in need of a little TLC?

Perhaps he has been in an unfortunate

accident or simply neglected for many

years . . . it’s time to give him the special

care and attention he deserves.

Click on these YouTube links to see video diaries of some of my past patients reconstructive surgery and repair works.







 I realise how precious your bear (or other companion) will be to you and I will take great care of him or her whilst in my possession.  I will restore faithfully and sympathetically keeping the bear as original as possible by sourcing materials as close to the original as possible for the work to be carried out.  All my repair work is done entirely by hand and at no point do I resort to using glue of any kind in my repair works, I will always sew or darn weakened fabric areas and patches.

I will respect your choice to leave well alone certain features of your bear if you so wish as I know they will have become part of that special charm and character that you love.

I will assess your bears requirements from photographs and give you the most accurate estimate that I can for the work to be carried out.  That price will be subject to possible change as the price may increase or reduce once I have seen the bear in the fur and I'm able to assess the work fully.

I can't guarantee a time scale for the work, I can give you an estimated time scale (usually due to my busy work schedule at least 4 weeks) but such work takes care and therefore time to do well.
It also takes time to source the relevant materials and as I will not rush a restoration project I hope you understand this is in the best interest for all concerned, that being myself, yourself and most importantly the welfare of your bear.

If you wish to know more about my repair service please contact me for further details and I'll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Bear Owner's FAQ's:

How much will it cost to repair my bear?

I can assess the repair work required for your bear reasonably well from good quality photographs.  
If you would like an estimate, please email me directly at
edenvb@icloud.com with photographs of the following:

  • The front of your bear in full
  • The back of your bear in full
  • Individual close-up pictures of each problem area to be addressed
  • Please also state the height of the bear, if there is something you do not want me to change about your bear, for instance, perhaps he has a nose and mouth that someone else stitched on in the past but that is the way you like him or perhaps he has buttons for eyes that you do not want replacing with proper teddy eyes?  It’s entirely up to you.

From this I can let you know my thoughts on your bears restoration work and supply you with an estimate. I have supplied a PRICE GUIDE for your information.

PLEASE NOTE: As I do not ask for any payment in advance  for such as materials that I may have been required to source and purchase upfront  in order to carry out the work on your bear, I feel it's a reasonable request that when you have received notification of your bears completion payment must be made within 7 days or a 10% additional charge will be applied (unless prior alternative arrangements to make a late payment have been agreed). Please don't hesitate to contact me if you can't pay within the 7 days period of grace.

How do I get my bear to you?

Once I have agreed to undertake the work your bear requires, I recommend you send him or her to me (address will be supplied) by a tracked, insured and signed for service
These services are fully insured (to your chosen level), they can be tracked online and will be signed for upon delivery, offering peace of mind for the transportation of your cherished friend.

I have included a table of posting prices, weights and size limitations below as a guide which were correct at the time of publishing. You can see the prices for Recorded Signed For too if you'd prefer to use that service, although it is not as secure as Special Next Day delivery.  Please check the Royal Mail website for compensation levels, up to date pricing and what you are covered for under each service.  http://www.royalmail.com/personal/sending-mail

I will always send your bear back by a tracked and adequately insured service, charging accordingly.

Alternatively it is worth conducting an online search for a competitively-priced courier service such as PARCEL2GO and INTERPARCEL.

Please do not send your bear to me without prior notice of you doing so.  I will then know when to expect a delivery, I’d be disappointed if I missed their arrival.
After the restoration work is completed, I will send your bear back to you by the service you choose to pay for.  Below is a rough price 'guide' for postage costs.

Here is just a small selection of Teddies that I have worked on.  They show the BEFORE and AFTER images.  You can also learn about customer experiences and ratings on my FreeIndex Business page by clicking the reviews panel at the top of this page.

My work can also be seen on my FACEBOOK PAGE 







BEFORE . . .

AFTER . . .


An internally stitched pad always gives a better result, however if your bear's pads are not in the best looking condition but still relatively intact I'd recommend they are left in place and recovered externally.  This protects them from further wear and acts to preserve them.  You can always see externally worked stitches (a little) but you can expect this result (as shown below) in the first pad.  The second pad on the white bear is stitched internally, as is the replicated rexine pad (bottom left). This internal method of stitching requires more work and time to do, hence it's a slightly more expensive option. .


This gorgeous old Steiff bear required cleaning, re-stuffing and lots of fabric repairs. His muzzle area in particular was suffering badly from dry rot.  It had been recovered in the past to help save the top of the muzzle however his lower muzzle fabric was now also badly disintegrated and in need of some reconstructive work.